About Intervita


The first draft of this novel was completed on the 29th November 2010 after four weeks of panicked churning out of crap meaningful literature. It is presently in the rewrite and editing stage. If you’re interested, the synopsis is below:

After a horrific car crash, Charlie Sansom recovers, against all odds, from the brink of death. What he doesn’t know is that for a moment, he strayed too far into the great beyond and now he’s marked as an escaped soul, wanted by the SoulCatchers- the harbingers of hell.

He finds himself dragged into the dangerous city of Intervita, the world between living and dying, where the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred by the day. He’s assigned to a ill-tempered guide named Lilah who pulls him back across the screen and teaches him the rules to surviving Intervita.

There’s just one problem.

Death’s not done with him yet.

Want an excerpt? Go ahead:

Charlie rolled over in bed, still wide awake. He couldn’t yet identify or throw off the clammy, uncomfortable feeling that had latched onto him earlier in the evening. After checking  the clock on his bedside table for what must have been the nineteenth or twentieth time that night, Charlie slid out of bed yet again to check outside the window. Outside it was pitch black and the rain was pattering steadily against the double glazing. A grim October night. After letting the curtain drop against the window once more, he crept silently back to bed and buried himself beneath the duvet. It was becoming a compulsion; he knew the garden was empty, and yet every time that curtain swung back he was left with the persistent, nagging feeling that he was missing something. Something dancing in the periphery, just out of reach. Charlie sighed and shook his head. You’re going crazy, he told himself. Shuffling into a comfortable position once more against his pillows, he snapped off the bedside light and shut his eyes.

“There’s nothing in the garden,” he repeated into the gathering darkness.


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